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Rev.Dr. Olayiwola Sam Mercy is the general overseer of Divine Universal churches of Christ, Int' l Itedo Ayo Oke Berger Idi Mango, Oke Ata, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Pastor mercy during a chat with journalist over the weekend talked about his journey so far as a pastor and many more.

Q: Can you tell us Your Journey so far as pastor

A:  It all started in 1988 precisely.
I attended Calvary international Bible College. 88/89.
Emmaus theological College 89/91.
Faith Pentecostal Bible College 92/93.
Northgate University USA( Nigeria Campus) where I bagged PHD.
I worked with Christ Apostolic Church world wide for some years.
Then I started a new Ministry in 1995.

Q: How do you know you will be a pastor?

A: I heard from my  parents that when I was in the womb, some prophets said I am going to be a prophet

Q: Was any of Your Parents Against it?

A: yes my father didn't want me to be a pastor but to be a doctor, this led to spiritual confrontation but in 1987 I gave my life to Christ.
I participated in Theater practicing and life music but I changed them to gospel band in 1987.

Can you tell us Your challenges so far?

A: I faced  many challenges but to the Lord be the glory.

A: My advice to all Pastor is to remain focus on their missions, each Pastor suppose to have separate missions on Earth but today every Pastor want to establish church. Well time will tell.  I thank the Lord today that am not duplicating, I understand my vision and this led me to my mission.
Church Ministry is not about prayer it is about bringing people to Christ Kingdom. What I mean is that, those Pastors will soon leave the platform.
Anybody can call himself Pastor but soon cloud will soon be cleared.

Q:Who are those people who have made the journey easy for you?

A:  I will not mention name but I have good and dependable people. May the Lord be with them.

Your Beginning As A Pastor?

I started with underground training known as" Tuule"(Release him)
Where you will need to learn locally.
After that one I have to learn Bible.

Q: How did the training help?

A: No knowledge is waste. That training has helped my carrier a lot.

Q: Will you say You are fullfiled as Pastor?

A: Yes I am a fulfilled man

Not in my members alone but in the hear of those that love the truth.
I am not perfect but by His grace I am a man of integrity.
I think knowledge is the secret that keeps members with me.

What do you think is the solution to Nigeria's problem

A: the only solution  in this country is revolution and it will happen.

Q: Your Advice To Other Pastors? 

A: They should not be distracted by rumors.
, those of you that have no biblical training should go for it before it is too late, lastly, prayer is vital they should not  joke with it.

Q: How Have You been maintaining the name pastor mercy?

A: I am not perfect but by His grace I am a man of integrity.
I think knowledge is the secret that keeps members with me.

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