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A Non Governmental Organization, Rays of hope Community Foundation, has provided shelter for less Privileged and Vulnerable Children in Ago Iwoye, Ogun state.

While Commissioning the shelter house on Thursday, the Executive Director of Rays of Hope Community Foundation, Taiwo Adefunke Adebanjo submitted that the house will cater for Vulnerable Children.

She added that the shelter will allow the children to monitor their Education Growth.

 Adebanjo said, ''We are commissioning a shelter for the less privileged ones and at the same time, I'm marking my 60th birthday,  normally we care for orphans and vulnerable children but we realised that it's not just caring for them outside because we have a lot of them that doesn't have a shelter and we have other families that can not even manage them but still they cannot accommodate the population that we have  and we have so much of them, we don't want a  situation that they will be abused and not be properly  taken care of and our  main focus is on their education, their education is our own priority " she said.

She added that the Shelter house will also serve as a skill acquisition Center for the children.

"There are some children that are not orphans but they are vulnerable, there are some that are already  abused so  they need to stay in a place for some times to resolve the issue before reinstating them back to the family, so such children need a shelter and  this  is attached with a skill acquisition centre, where they can attain some skills apart from getting a shelter and looking at the situation we have  realised that it is Important to have a shelter for them, this shelter for now can only accommodate twenty people for now but we can cater for as many as we have because of the empowerment, those that will be coming and going back to their various homes that we can train on different skills. This place will not be a permanent place for them it is a shelter where they can stay for sometimes'' 

She appealed to the state  government to support them, saying that they still need some equipment to equip the children.

"We still need a  lot of things here include beds, kitchen equipment, we need some other things to give them positive things about life. We call on government to support the movement" she said.

Meanwhile, the chairman board of Rays of hope community foundation, Dr. AOK Adeboye  commended  Mrs Adebanjo, urging government to support the foundation.

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