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The National Association Of Nigerian Students, NANS Southwest, Zone D, has written a letter to president Muhammadu Buhari, demanding for stable nation.

This was stated in a statement signed by Comrade Oladimeji Uthman, the Deputy Coordinator, NANS Southwest Zone, which   was made available to newsmen in Abeokuta on Friday.

The statement read, ''Fellow Nigerians, it is with the spirit of patriotism, dedication to nation building and commitment to well being of all and sundry that the largest students organization under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone brings you this independence solidarity message.

''Our beloved nation is 60 years old today since the inception of self governance, administration and management. Our resources and lives were granted to our leaders to steer the affairs of Nigeria as an independent nation in Africa and the globe.

''We commend Nigerians for their resilience and sacrifice, patience and prayers over the years and wish to express hope that we shall overcome. We urge all and sundry to persist and work for betterment of one another.

''On a day like this, the entire demanding students plus hungry masses would expect NANS to come with the line “Happy Independence Day” as usual. 

We must understand quite well that our democracy is at the brink of collapse, bastardized; and to this effect we have very little to celebrate.

''Hence, a day of this kind should not be restricted to social enjoyment, celebrations and all sorts of political jamborees alone. 

''It should drive us back to a round table for critical deliberations and communication. There, valuable brainstorming can be effectively done, problems battling our democracy and independent fished out and realistic remedies be provided. 

''We are hopeful that with reconciliation, unity of purpose and ideas, true nationalism and spirits of love and emancipation of the masses; Nigeria shall be great; greater than the United States and other world powerful nations. 

''Nigeria belongs to all of us. None  person or group of persons is more important or more entitled than the other in this space that we all call home. And we have a responsibility to live in peace and harmony with one another, to seek peaceful and constitutional means of expressing our wishes and desires, and to resist all who might seek to sow confusion and hatred for their own selfish interests.

''As students, we remain optimistic that our generation shall not give up but continue to agitate constructively for new Nigeria of our dream, we hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria as a matter of urgency to reconsider the Nigeria Police Bill all in the best interest of development of Nigeria and her citizenry. 

''We are optimistic that our dear nation 60th  Independent Anniversary Celebration with little or nothing significant to show shall touch the conscience of our leaders and ignite their rethink on need to be more dedicated to nation building than self building as evident in all elites in power who have no confidence in the system they govern.

''Our educational system is now a shadow of the good old days. Obsolete curriculum, dilapidated structures, failed managers and incompetent lecturers have taken our human development for a ride. No nation can grow beyond its educational level. 

''In the light of the above, we demand 25% allocation to education in the year 2021 fiscal budget from government at all levels (federal, state and local government). This must be done if our government is sincere about the development of this country. 

''Hopefully, Nigeria becomes the world power soon or soonest.  

As we hope for a world powerful country with strengthened democratic growth, I pray to God of Á luta in his infi…

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