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Ilaro Youths Community development as on Friday at a media parley condemned the negligence of Dangote group of company situated at Ibese, Ogun state, and its silence so far against the extra judicial killings of the Nigeria custom service, recklessness of her Drivers which had resulted in the untimely death of over two thousand indigenes within the short period of its existence and developmental redundancy of her host community.

"In many towns and cities around the World, host communities of manufacturing industries of Dangote cement stature always breath sigh of relief as corporate Organizations brings in lots of goodies and development to this communities. This goodies in the name of corporate social responsibility comes in terms of provisions of social and critical infrastructures for the benefit of host communities who are also the first casualties of environmental pollutions of such establishments."

While enunciating reasons for a peaceful protest, the mouthpiece of the youths stated unequivocally that, the protest is the panacea for Ilaro youths' long lingering headache and an avenue to lend out our long seized voice for  a better society. "Our environment is continuously being polluted with waste from Dangote Cement factory, our people are dieing slowly with nothing to show for it from the company who is carting billions of Naira away from our community", the youths charged.

"Let it be on record that our leaders have failed us, they failed to speak up for us at the appropriate time and stage of life, hence us coming out enmass to stop this barbaric act. Between Ọjà Odan and Papalanto, a journey of about 40 kilometres, we have over 20 check points of both Customs, Police and Civil Defence. All extorting and harassing our people, this isn't the freedom we bargained for."

Making requisition from the government, stakeholders, and companies around; in order to put an halt to the peaceful demonstrations, the youths forum make a long but feasible lists of demands that would foster both societal and youth development, inclusive of; asking the Ogun State Governor to urgently visit the youths of Yewaland for dialogue on the continuous invasion of Custom officers, for Custom officers never for any reason to be seen with guns and ammunition within inhabited areas of Yewa land; drawing up and execution of an acceptable Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Company and Ilaro Community on the Corporate Social Responsibilities of Dangote Cement Plc., and for an end to police brutality.

"To the people of the Ilaro-Yewa, Dangote cement factory and the Nigerian  custom Service, have become a thorn in the flesh of the host communities no thanks to their inhumane and careless attitudes to the environment where billions of naira are carted away on daily basis. Our people die on daily basis but we've mobilized to put an end to the menace, hence our peaceful demonstration, concluded the youths.

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