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As Nigeria marks Independence day tomorrow, the General Overseer of the Divine Universal Church Of Christ International, Itedo Ayo, Abeokuta, Dr. Olayiwola Mercy, has written a letter to president Muhammadu Buhari , political leaders and religious leaders.

 In a letter signed by him and which was made available to newsmen in Abeokuta, the Pastor  asked president Muhammadu  Buhari to change all security chiefs in order to put an end to insecurity in Nigeria.

He noted that all present security chiefs have failed.

The cleric also called on  the president  as a matter of urgency to implement 2012 confab or call for another one of his choice to discuss about way forward.

He writes: 

''I want to  call  on  the president to reduce pump price of petrol and electricity tariff, now before it is too late.

''President should should run this country as a United country not as a sectional government.

''There is nothing to celebrate this year, Nigerians are bleeding,  we are waiting to hear word of comfort from our president on 1st.

''Our political leaders should send message to themselves this year not we Nigerians because, we don't need their message, we need what I call" healing herb" not sympathy medicine.

''Seventh point is directed to religious leaders to stop their hypocritical habit and start preaching love and good relationship with ourselves.
They should stop deceiving their followers.

''Both Muslim and Christian playing and watching football together. They sell and buying things together in the market.
They use same transport, sitting together in the working places especially in government work.

''They were together affected by covid-19,  it means that our Lord is not a respecter of anybody. 

''The Lord said in Exodus 19:5 that the whole universe is His own.

''The book of Acts says that the Lord made us with same blood. Alquran says that if Allah want the whole universe to believe Him, He will do that, therefore, there's no compulsion in Islam".

''Bible says in Psalms 3:8 that salvation belongs to the Lord.
Therefore, you are not working for the Lord but for your pocket.

''You are Nigerians not Saudi or Israeli.
You are brown not black as they call you, think straight,  stop thinking as black because black is the absence of color.

''To the journalist and media houses, please, do your work with the fear of the Lord, work for the unity of this country alone and drop sentiment of politics, religion and tribalism.

''I will advice all the Obas to stay with culture not tradition, they were made to be the king over all religious people not on a few traditional believers.
Finally, let's come together to save this country of ours'' He concluded

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