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The popular aphorism that every Nigerian can survive in any situation due to the country's economic situation has been proven at different fora. 

Due to the challenges that the ugly situation has posed before many Nigerians, very many people have had to abandoned their dreams to pursue another thing entirely in order to make ends meet. 

However, some of those in this category regretted in the long run as what they pursued at the expense of their initial dream was not yielding envisaged results while some were favored.

Among many Nigerians who sought after alternative means of survival when the initial was not "resultful" was Olatunji Ogunsola, CEO, Tee Special Clothing situated in Abeokuta.

With passion for football, Olatunji Ogunsola, for over six years played in different local football academy both within and outside the state but after years of active participation in soccer and the hope of getting to stadium seemed nebulous, he resolved to acquire skil in fashion designing and established Tee Special clothing after undergoing his training.

Tee Special Clothing outfit is one of the leading fashion outfits in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state known for nothing bet creativity.

In an interview with Journalists in his Oke-Ilewo office, the fashion designer shared his story  "

My name is Ogunsola Olatunji. I am from Ibara and I live at Oke- Ata.


I attended Our Lady Of Apostle  (O.L.A) for my primary education and for my secondary education, I attended Ijeun-tuntun High School. Right now I am a 300 Level student of National Open University (NOUN).  


I was a football player before but due to the situation of Nigeria I quit and move on to fashion, since I don't have father nor mother,  so I believe if one have a work at hand that is parents as well".  

"I played at ultimate,  Madrid all-star, marvelous,  and also as you can see this current life is all about handwork,  "handwork is the best legacy " I work for the Commissioner of Police, DC,  OC SARS,  also some politicians like Honorable Aka, Kayode and more." 

I have been on this work for the past six years.  I don't compete with anyone,  am just on my own. I am the secretary to NUT as now.


We sells material,  also am into fashion designer ready to wear, casual wear, Agabada, suite, cap, and many more.

I actually don't look at innovations,  I always work base on imagination. If you want to start a work you must be humble,  but when you get to some stage you will begin to have issues with your boss. 


My advice for those coming is that they should have three things; determination, focus, and perseverance so as to achieve aims. Also when you get to work keep yourself busy,  practice makes perfection.  Also be humble when you are getting to know about the work because posterity will remember you for whatever you do.

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