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Hon Ajayi Surport death penalty for both rapist and false accusation. Hon Ajayi Representing Yewa South State Constituency made the statement during today's plenary section at the Ogun State House of assembly 9th June 2020.

 She said in the past week, Nigeria has witnessed so much unrest due to rape and sexual assault. Rape has been on the increase and the victims most likely get blamed, and humiliating questions such as “what the victim was putting on” “Where the victim was at the particular time” e.t.c. Often comes up and this reason, many victim prefer to remain silent about it.

It is no doubt that rape has a very devastating effect on victims. The aftermath of a sexual assault or rape survivor face extremely difficult and painful emotional experience. The effects of the trauma are always long lasting and remain with the victim for life, except the victims shown loved by her loved one.

In addition, a survivor may develop a negative outlook and feel “damaged” or “unworthy” of a better life.
To curb of act of “Rape” which is eating deep into the society, Education and Enlightment in all institution and organisastion?

Nobody has a right to or power over any other person’s body, human being is not sex objects, females are human beings with senses and are capable of saying “NO”
Let us ensure that the abuse of women and girls ends at our door step.

She reinstated that death penalty should be the reward for both Rapists and false Accusation.

“Sexual Assault is never a victim’s fault”

(Hon.) Bolanle Ajayi Lateefat
Representing Yewa South State Constutency.

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