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Hon Awoso Adegoke Adeyanju representing isokan state Constituency...

We are writing to wish you a happy birthday and to thank you for your service to our country. You are an inspiration, and we hope you have many more years to keep up the good work. And more so to thank you for your brave and fearless leadership.
      We hope that you have a day of joy and rest on your birthday. You are a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life. Thank you for your service and happy birthday!
Before we proceed let us say your leadership has meant so much to this city. 

Thank you for having such a positive impact on your constituents. The whole team of Radiomentwithomonaija (RMWO) Request you not to ever stop fighting for what you believe in! Thank you for your service to our country,
We  hope you get to take a short break from your service to celebrate your birthday. May you have many more! You have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality. Thank you for your service
On your birthday,  RMWO are  proud to call you a leader. Thank you for everything and happy birthday.

By RMWO Team Leader

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