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...Debunks Claim That Financial Inclusion Agents Grown Over SANEF Failure To Achieve interoperability As Promised

Following a report in the media that Nigeria communications week checks revealed that two months after, financial inclusion agents under the network of Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility, SANEF are yet to enjoy interoperability promised them.

The report has it that Ronke Kuye, SANEF, disclosed in October last year at Inlaks digital summit that they would achieve interoperability by November last year, adding that interoperability has posed a major challenge for agents under the SANEF programme as agents are unable to open any bank account for customers from one unit.

Also in the reports which posed SANEF as a failure was that Nigeria Communications Week investigations revealed that as at present that feet has not been achieve as financial inclusion agents visited still can’t transact on different bank from one source.

The report also stressed that financial inclusion agents groan as SANEF failed to achieve interoperability.

However, the Managing Director, Ecosystem Hybrid Network – a financial inclusion agent, Fasasi Sarafadeen Atanda has distant himself from such  misleading report.

In the report, he was quoted to have described interoperability as open banking that allows customers at agent banking location to be able to access banking facility of any of their choice of brand bank at a single agent unit.

In a rejoinder he personally sign and made available to our correspondent, Atanda insisted that it would be a fallacy to adjudge SANEF as a failure, testifying that SANEF has been a blessing to agent network development in Nigeria.

In the rejoinder, he argued that technically agents could not groan as contained in the report because interoperability is just a value added service which shows an upward drive in financial inclusion which is being drive by SANEF.

His words "This rejoinder is to distance myself from the misleading caption which totally negates the story content and in contrast to my comment. Interoperability involves a lot of technological integration, API sharing etc. which I am aware SANEF has been working on. Technically, agent cannot groan because it is just a value added service and it shows an upward drive in financial inclusions which is being championed by SANEF".

He added "I am a witness to this various landmark achievement of SANEF last year, which include;  agents training in all geopolitical zones of the country, massive market engagement, media advocacy, police/village head visitations,  agents issue arbitration etc. So it will be a fallacy to adjudge SANEF as a failure". 


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