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Yearly, students graduate from schools, with limited jobs available. Yet, many graduates hate to learn skills, many of them have forgot that it is not all about what the government can do for the citizens, but more about what the citizens can contribute to the society.

Dapo Abiodun, the once-rejected stone, whose glory now shines, even to the blind, a governor with an-inclusive administrative agenda strategize every second, without dozing, for the purpose of creating a better atmosphere, where youth can be empowered and mentally liberated.

The Governor in his drive to make younger ones an integral part of his administration, appointed a leader who holds the future of the youth preciously, plans to prepare youth for future leadership as Special Assistant on Youth Affairs. In an effort to make the documented vision becomes a reality, the SA on Youth  Affairs inspected some abandoned, under equipped vocational centres at Abeokuta, on the 28th January, 2020.

One of the unhindered beliefs of this administration is that when there is a road map, coupled with an effective execution for human emancipation through skills acquisition and leadership trainings, the rate of crimes will drastically reduce in the society. 

And with the current observation as regards bad leadership in the country, it is happening because most past leaders refused to groom the youth of those days with essential and sustainable leadership skills. That is why some ignorant leaders waste millions of money to build gigantic buildings whose impact in people's lives will be nothing to write home about. Hence, the reason why the SA, in his move to accomplish the vision of the governor, intends to establish skill acquisition platforms where skills like fashion designing, barbing, hairdressing, painting among others can be available to youth in Ogun State.

In addition, there will be leadership trainings for youth, since they are people who will take leadership positions sooner or later. Gone are the days when youths were seen as the leaders of tomorrow, youths can as well be the leaders of today, just like current orientation about leadership. Leadership training will make the youth learn, unlearn and relearn, when it comes to leadership. That is why it is only an individual, nurtured with the water of good leadership that can sail the boat of leadership safely, without drowning the citizens.

And since this administration goes beyond creating unnecessary avenues for media attention, the skills acquisition and leadership trainings shall be a sustainable project, that can outlast this tenure, because building a better Ogun State requires a collective support. 
God bless Ogun State 
God bless Nigeria.

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