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The Ogun State IPac Chairman Asiwaju Adedamola Adeshina on Friday commended the National assembly for the amendments to section 124 of the Constitution that has given full autonomy to local governments in states without undue influence from the state governments.

 Adeshina furthered said that this would further the development of local governments and raise the standards of performance at the local government level, 

he maintained that if properly implemented any person of good standing in the community can contest and win an elective office on the platform of any political parties.

 rather than the current status where Nigerians see the local government offices as payment to those who are loyal to the party of the state government. 

The Chairman said above all else it's a welcome development, because Administrative talents will be discovered. Listen, it's very possible to have a council chairman perform so well that he would be loved by all and possibly become the Governor of the state, it would bring accountability to the  third tier of Government but more importantly it will make ensure that communities get accelerated development and growth.

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