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The newly appointed Transition Committee Chairman of Abeokuta North local government, Hon. Tunde Tella has expressed readiness to turn ori omi,  into a tourist spot in the local government.

Hon. Tella disclosed  this after his screening and confirmation on Tuesday at the Ogun State house of Assembly Abeokuta .

Ori-omi is a popular spot in Abeokuta North Local Government which serves as a center for social events such as wedding ceremony and other activities.

Hon. Tella explained that he would get the service of architect who would design the place, assuring that it would be a multi purpose center.

"We want people to be renting it and we want people to be coming down to enjoy themselves". 

He further  noted that he will embark on  administrative project like solar system in other to power the the administrative section with solar so that it can work 24/7, saying that therw will be no need for anyone  to wait for electricity. 

 The caretaker chairman added that  he has a lot of experiences when it comes to local government.

 "I have spent 6years and 3months . I have been a special  advisers,  supervisor and secretary  of local government.

"When my name was mentioned,  I went back to the local government. We left some things when we were with the local government. I realized that some of the things that we left are dilapidated already and we are coming on board to correct all errors'' he concluded

He advised all  aspirants of Abeokuta south local government to consider the needs of the people.

According to him,  development anywhere in the world,  must give the people what they want . Development is not all about infrastructural development is about meeting the need of the people , the aspirant must ready to meet the needs of the people.

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