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 *_Oladokun Samuel popularly known as Sam Oscar is a dynamic,  multi - talented, visionary and fast - rising Nigerian gospel artist.  He expressed his opinion on gospel music and what prompted him to drop his second single titled "BEST IN ME" in an interview with Osoba Olajide in Abeokuta. Excerpt._*

 *Can we meet you sir?*
My name is Oladokun Samuel popularly known as Sam Oscar.  I am a native of Ibadan.  I'm a gospel minister,  song writer,  instrumentalist, educationist and a visioneer. I'm the C. E. O of Sam Oscar Gospel Music Int'l (SOGMI).

 *As a gospel artist,  what is your perspective to gospel music?*

To me gospel music is a calling, it's a talent and as well passion.  I see gospel music as a way to express gratitude to God, to influence the world through God - given revelation through music and to promote our Lord's kingdom.

 *What prompted you into gospel music ministry?*

My venturing into gospel music ministry is divine.  I was a chorister in a church and I do minister in songs.  I also consistently compose songs for the choir department. Most times,  my pastor invite me to minister where ever he has programme and people get blessed.  That was how I started to discover the gift. I also headed different church choir department for years. 

 *When do you start music professionally?*

I started music professionally in 2015 that was after 16 years of being a chorister.  I attended Lord's Throne Music Consult in Abeokuta to gather basic musical knowledge after which I joined a music band but I later established mine known today as Sam Oscar Gospel Music Int'l (SOGMI).

 *You just release another gospel track, what prompted you to release the track?*

My new gospel track is "BEST IN ME". I was inspired to compose this song at the most horrible period of live.  Things were so bad and there seems to be no hope.  But I received an insight to cheer up that I have best in me.  That what is happening today cannot be compared to the glory awaiting me tomorrow.  I have great treasures in me that makes tomorrow a great future.   Infact, I was in great tears and pain when writing the song but confidence in tomorrow makes me hopeful and happy.

 *You released your first single "I Give You Praise"  audio and video last year and was composed in English and Yoruba.  Why is "BEST IN ME" composed in English?*

"I wrote the song as I received it.  I said earlier that It was composed in an unpleasant situation .  I tried to change the song to Yoruba language but it was not working out as my spirit did not allow me.  I had to leave the song like that because it was spirit led.

 *What is your vision in the gospel music ministry?*

My vision is to influence the world with my God - given talent in music.  Move people to magnify God and use my songs to move people to his kingdom.

 *Who is your mentor?*

I gained from as many musician as possible. But I can say my mentor in gospel music are: Bukola Akinade (Senwele Jesu), Tope Alabi, Esther Igbekele, Lolade Adeleke and host of others.  I gained alot from them and I have attributes I cherish in them.

 *What is your advice for other gospel artist?*

As gospel artist,  we should not be moved by fame,  money or earthly benefits, although they are things we need and will come naturally later.  But we should be more moved by edification and glorifying the one who sent us. We should carry God along in all we do.

 *Thanks for your time?*
It's my pleasure.  Thanks.

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