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The Ogun State Chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has said that the lists of  the Commissioner nominees sent to the state assembly by Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has proved his critics wrong that he is not a slow governor.

He noted that Abiodun has been taking his time to deliver on his electioneering campaign, adding the lists contain the best brains in the State.

Arabambi who is also the immediate past Chairman of the Inter-Party Consultative Council, IPAC, berated the former spokesperson of Atiku campaign organisation, Segun Sowunmi for his stance on the Dapo Abiodun led administration, saying that his criticism of the administration is unwarranted.

''Now that the lists  of commissioner nominees is out, critics of Prince Dapo Abiodun have been proved wrong. They don't know  that our  governor has been taking his time to deliver on his electioneering campaign''

His words, "Now that the list of nominees for the State Executive Council has been transmitted to the State House of Assembly , the likes of Segun Sowunmi have been exposed for whom they are, what they are and why they had been writing to discredit and de- market Prince Dapo Abiodun led Government".

"The last time Segun Sowunmi came online charging around noisily that the PDA Government was set to cage Ogun State Potentials, and other unintelligent rantings and insinuations , he and his likes are invited to have a close look at the caliber of men and women nominated as commissioners in the gateway state".

"The complete bio - data of each nominee are in the public space".

" It is a  list of good sons and daughters of Ogun State who are genius in their academic achievements , professional brilliance and private records of successes" .

"Talking about the lateness in presenting the list of nominees , one who is unbiased will readily consider the need to be very critical of the capacity , capability and past records of the nominees rather than the conspiracy -  created and press -  sponsored images as of people like Segun Sowunmi whose services are compromisable with monetary considerations".

"In trying to criticise , the critic should seek and obtain the whys and whats in the process being criticized to be fair and constructive. But then , those who are only aiming at and predetermined to destructively criticise would  not be worried, or be concerned , bothered or in any way care about what they write since their objective is to demarket the subject of hate".

"Finally , it is obvious to all who have contact with reason to readily conceed that the online chorusing minions are only concerned about appearing politically correct to their oppressive leaders by making silly and infantile comments to support the embarrassingly warped.

"The citizens of Ogun State will soon be seeing and experience the wisdom in the saying that "Slow and Steady wins the race " . The needful had been done. The  PDA Government has crossed the time - taking bridges on the road to very great and always wished for " really good governance " in Ogun State .

''He is determined to be different and vividly make the difference . His will be a Government of abundance in the delivery of dividends of democracy to the residents of Ogun State that will stand solid with better governance that has not been experienced and shall be a very great challenge to better by the succeeding Governments".

''Critics who are intellectually dishonest like Sowunmi should be educated to know that it is a bad wisdom to feel that because the surface of the river is calm , so there is no crocodile in the river and in conclusion , it must be known that it is not wise to insult the crocodile before you cross the river.

''The nominees when finally approved and sworn in, should share the rare vision and mission of PDA . They are hereby charged to be strongly keyed into the programs and the defined frame work of PDA to raise the bar of good governance to grow and develop Ogun State and the majority of the residents to the envisaged but unprecedented level ".

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