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The openness of automobile industry has allowed unprofessional into the business- MD, GKLT

An automobile dealer and Managing Director of Global Kings Logistics and Transportation Limited (GKLT), Mr Ganiu Kazir Olanrewaju has said that the openness of automobile industry has paved ways for unprofessional car dealers in going into the business He said the Automobile Association with the government backing should fish out those who are not registered dealers and those who just use the business as cover ups for their shady dealers. Kazir, a graduate of computer science disclosed this in an exclusive interview with newsmen in his office, Abeokuta, Ogun State. According to him, no business without its own peculiar challenges. So, because of the openness of the automobile industry, it has become saturated and virtually anybody can start up a dealership outlet infront on his house without recourse to the professionals in the industry. “I think the Automobile Association with the government backing needs to fish out those who are not registered dealers and those who just use the business as cover ups for their shady deals. ''Although the IRS wants to generate revenue for the State, but it also imperative of them to verify these people seeking approval for automobile business. Ask them what were they doing before and verify their yard or location before approving the business. “What we see today is that someone can just park 2 or 3 cars along the road, and he claims to automatically be a dealer. Abroad, before approval is given to anyone, the appropriate government agency do a verification on every documents submitted which includes the location and the background checks on the dealers itself before approval is given. “I think the Automobile Association with the government backing needs to fish out those who are not registered dealers and those who just use the business as cover ups for their shady deals” he said'' He also commended President Buhari for having the political will to shut all land borders around the country. He said “although the border closure will have negative and positive impact on the economy, and on the citizens of both countries at a particular point in time, so it is left for the government to open or close the border because it doesn’t really affect our business” “For us at GKLT, we import our Cars via Lagos Tin Can Port so we don’t really have any issue with the customs. The border closure hasn’t really affected us negatively. Infact I will say it has even boosted our revenue as the closure has reduced the rate of smuggled cars via the Cotonou axis. It has really helped our business because even people along the border line now patronises us” The experienced auto dealer further stated that as a way of diversification and empowering the citizens, GKLT is launching a Taxi- Car hire Services through its baby company called Glanks Integrated Global Resources (GIGR). “All a customer or driver needs is an internet enabled phone, download our App, and log on to enjoy our services. A customer get comfort and satisfaction while the driver gets income on a daily” he concludes.


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