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The Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant, Ibeju Lekki Constituency II, Hon. Adeleke Olabanjo, has thrown his weight behind closure of border by the Federal Government, saying that any country that wants to progress must allow such things happen. Hon. Olabanjo, was reacting to the outcry of the Ogun West Consultative Forum (OGWECF) on closure of border since 20 August, 2019, during an interview with GatewayTimes. According to him, ''if any country wants to go such things must happen because it has been our habit in Nigeria that we don't value our local things. ''For instance now since they have closed the border clamouring for local rice. Nigeria rice. If the border have not been closed we won't discovered we have a better rice in Nigeria. Why can't we patronise our locally made things. ''When I travel abroad I usually make my shopping in abroad. Can u believed I bought here locally made here last longer than the one I bought in London fine we need to encourage our people in term of finishing of our products. Mostly especially shoes bag and some other things. ''We need to talk to them and encourage them even our farmers why can't we be doing this here. We need to patronise our products locally made here. Apart from the agreement. The neighbouring countries has turned Nigeria to dustbin and we need to reject the impression let Nigeria emulate south Africa as well due to our past leaders they have turned this country to something else for us'' he said. He, further added, ''let us put an impression to our children. Let the impression go to into their skull we have to use Nigeria made. ''They value their things that is why their GDP is going up every time everyday, this is the best solution for our economy ''Look at the farmers now have started enjoying since they closed the border. Why can't we patronise our local things here. We have turkey in Nigeria, chicken we have rice and so me other things like that. ''All these commodities we are. Am fully in support of border closure. Let the border remain closed for 3 or 4 years then we will value our local things'' he said. ''We are importing from other countries We are using our own money to feed them in another country'' he added.

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