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Well-mannered and beautiful wife of top businessman, Ibrahim Dende fondly called IBD, Lara Dende the boss of thriving upscale fashion store known as Lara Dende Wears and the Managing Director of IBD hotels - in Abeokuta and Ilaro is no doubt a queen of good deeds. Through her charity project called IBD foundation she's been the godmother to hundreds of thousands offering scholarships, empowerment for disadvantaged women and children and much more. She has continued to be a blessing to her generation. The exciting news is that Lara Dende clocked 38 in style today and expectedly everyone is anticipating a lavish celebration. Sweet-mannered Lara Dende known for her humanitarian deeds is not really in the mood for any extravagance at the moment. The birthday girl's wish is to rebuild the demolished Ilaro central mosque. Already 100 bags of cement had been donated on her behalf towards the rebuilding mosque project. And that's not all, she is requesting her friends and well-wishers to channel all the gifts for her birthday to the mosque project. In her words, the act of kindness is her own little way of gratitude to God for the gift of life. For Lara Dende, a life without giving back is not a fulfilled life at all. No doubt, she is teaching a powerful lesson in humanity.

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