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A Candidate contesting for the post of councillor in ward 14 of Abeokuta south local government under the platform of All Progressive Congress, APC, Hon. Ayo Mayami has vowed to empower youths, market traders and entrepreneurs if elected as the next councillor.

He also noted that apart from empowerment, he will also provide basic infrastructural facilities for his good people to enjoy the divided of democracy.

Hon. Mayami disclosed this to newsmen in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He noted that the youths are the pillars and the future of any nation, adding that the market women are also essential part of the work force that helps in strengthening and growing the country's economy.

My mandate is to transform ordinary individuals of Ward 14 of Abeokuta South Local Government into creator of wealth.

''It is my vision to create enabling environment for the youths, traders, entrepreneurs and foreign inventors for a better society.

According to him, I have  7 points agenda which by God grace i will fulfil

'' I shall by God's grace provide long lasting infrastructural facilities e.g Borehole, Good network road,  Electrification (Street light) etc.

 ''I will also Provide soft loans for traders and entrepreneurs. Scholarship for students. Empowerment for the youths. Welfarism of party leaders and members. Rewards of hard work (Strictly for students), Provision for the aged and widows''

 He also vowed that he will nsure that the widows would be well taken care of during his administration.

''I will enrol the youths in a vocational training, where they can learn apprentice of their choice then after the training, graduation ceremony will be organized for them to certify them as a qualified technician. I will also make sure they are empowered with sophisticated equipments to start up. Also, I will ensure they are awarded contracts whenever there is Ward project to execute.

''The market women remain important. They are the ones that help the government to regulate the market
structure in terms of revenue generation. If elected, I will provide for them soft loans so as to enable them grow their businesses.

''If I will be representing ward 14, Abeokuta south local government, I will engage if not all the youths at least 70 percent of the youths will be engaged to be part of the train that will benefit from the scheme put in place to better the life of my people. This will be done with the intention of reducing crime rate and having a safe society for all.

''I will also provide infrastructural facilities, good network road, street electrification that will illuminates the nooks and crannies so as to curb insecurities problem in the State and the Country by extension.

While lamenting over the current situation of the ward 14, he noted that he will make sure he gives his people succour over the dilapidated roads, lack of pipe borne water and other infrastructural facilities.

He passionately said this to us that "I shake my head whenever I tour round my constituency, because the state of affairs of my people is not encouraging and it is an height of wickedness if past administrators have been ignoring all these lacuna. If am elected, I shall by the grace of God make life easier and better for my good people by correcting all these abnormalities. He also asserted that he will focus more on human development if elected.

He submitted that the Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun will not undermine the position of the Councillors just like the former adminstration.

Dapo Abiodun believes in development at the grass root level, and am assured he will not undermine the position of councillors in the State.

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