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The entrepreneurs under the agies of Fate foundation and Facebook Nigeria in Ogun State on Friday  extended hands of love to inmates in Ogun State.

The entrepreneurs who are about 40 trained inmates on how to be self-employed, and also gave out food items and medicines

The entrepreneurs who demonstrated the importance of formal education, registered two inmates for the National Examination Council (NECO) and General Certificate in Examination (GCE).

They also  engaged the inmates in various sporting activities such as football and other games.

Ogundele peter who led the group of entrepreneurs, explained that the visit was bent on giving back to the society and encouraging the less privileged.

He said,  ''We are here for corporate social responsibility, having receive so much training from fate foundation and Facebook Nigeria, we gather ourselves together to give them food items such as rice, cassava flakes, beverages, soap and others then  play with them, train them on how to be self employed so that when they come out of the prison they get something to do.'

''Today, we will  also be paying for two inmates NECO and GCE registration.

"We also be bailing out an inmate too, so that is why we are  here.

''All of us are business men from every sector, I CT education, agric, we receive so much from Facebook and we are giving out food items, bag of rice, bag of gaari, soap, toiletries, sandals, biscuits, sweets, tea, and we are also going to  have a friendly football match with them we are training them on how to be self employed for the training we are hoping to reach at least 20 of them and we are paying for registration fee of 2 of them to write their NECO GCE.

"We are 40 in numbers we are all entrepreneurs''.

The deputy comptroller of old Ibara prison, Godwin Onokohwomomo commended the entrepreneurs for their gesture.

He also advised them to continue with the good deed.

''This what every youth of Nigeria should be doing but the problem we are having today is youth restiveness ,call it any name if any youths engage  in having time to think of those  who are unfortunate in the society.

"I am sure such a passion will go a long way, remoulding the youth, we don't have proper adult.

"I congratulate them,  for the little they have,  they are giving to the inmates,  anything you bring to my prison go straight  to the inmates immediately.

''I want to commend these young people because they have done well.

"Fom the little they have, they give out to the inmates.

"It is so scarce to see this kind of donation.

"They have come at the right  time, this is Sallah period, and the inmates are in high spirit.

''They have really done well, I pray may God bless them abundantly''.

Meanwhile, the welfare officer, old Abeokuta prison, Ibara Abeokuta,  Awesu Abdul Hakeem, also commended the 40 enterprenuers, saying that it is uncommon to see people like them.

''We have witnessed people like them in the past but it is uncommon and unusual.

''We receive notice from state foundation that they intended to give out to the public by choosing Ibara  prison".

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