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A- Adore each other
B- Believe in each other ; Be Best friend
C- Comfort each other; Compromise each other
D- Discover new things together; Delight
E- Encourage, Enjoy and Experience each other.
F- Forgive each other freely and Forget.
G- Guide and Give Freely to each other, Gaze into each other eyes
H- Help, Honour and Hold Unto each other
I- Inspire and Treat each other with Integrity
J- Joke, Laugh and Have fun with each other
K- Keep each other Secret; Kind to each other
L- Listen, Laugh and Love each other.
M- Monitor each other like and dislikes
N- Never give up on each other, Nurture each other Zone
O- Overcome Problem Together
P- Play games together
Q- Quiet each other fears, Quality time with each other
R- Respect each other, Remember the little things
S- Say I Love You Everyday, Satisfy each other through Satisfaction
T- Treasure and Teach each other, Take time for tenders
U- Understand and care for eachother, Usher God into ur house.
V- Value everything u share, Variety helps to spark up your relationship 
W- Wish each other for little things, Worship each other, Willing to Adjust.
X- X-Claim, X-Press ur true feelings to ur spouse.
Y- Yarn for eachother
Z- Zeal, Create an explosive passion in ur life

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